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Put together your Keidel DSC-Software according to your needs.

We provide for the following pipe systems:

HDPE Pipe System
according to DIN 19535, DIN EN 1519

according to JIS K 6741, JIS K 6739

according to DIN EN 1561, DIN EN 877

according to EN 1123

Stainless Steel Pipe System
according to EN 1124

Other pipe systems on request


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What is the Keidel DSC-Software?

The Keidel DSC-Software is for design and sizing of siphonic roof drainage under Windows 10 or 11 in local operation. It is the smaller brother of the legendary Tailor-Made Version DrainStar® Siphonic Calculator with an application of over 100 million square meters of Siphonic Roof Drainage and over 25 years experience.

Which software license type is used?

Each computer needs a license. This type of license is also called „License per Seat“.

How long is the license valid?

The lifetime of the license is not limited by Keidel DrainStar GmbH.

How is the Keidel DSC-Software license transferred to a new PC?

At the customer’s request, we can reactivate the licence for a fee so that it can be used again for a new PC. 

Are other languages possible?

Only English is used in the Keidel DSC-Software to achieve wide international reach.

Other languages on request.

Is personalization with our logo possible?

Yes, see Funktionen und Features.

Is there any extra charge?

No, unless the customer orders additional services such as software training, licence transfer, additional licences.

Which calculation methods are used?

1. The classic Balance Calculation, ideal for your pre-calculation.

2. The Simulation Calculation is approved as physical testing according to EN 12056-3

Which documents are printed?

Parts Lists, Calculation Result, Isometric Drawing, Hydraulic Features.

Is the design rainfall intensity changeable?

Yes, you can enter the local rain data in the software, wherever in the world a project may be located.

Is there an Excel export interface for parts lists?

Yes, see Funktionen und Features.

Is there a PDF-Interface?

Yes, send all printouts simply and comfortably with the built-in PDF interface!

BBA Certification?

follow the example of our customer Maxflow and certify your version through the British Board of Agreement (BBA).

EN 12056-3

DrainStar software fulfils EN 12056-3, Gravity drainage Systems inside buildings – Part 3: Roof drainage, layout, and calculation.

How is the Keidel DSC-Software delivered?

Delivery is carried out via customer download. For this we send the license key and the download link to the customer via e-mail.

Further development?

Further development of the Keidel DSC-Software depends on the needs/demands of the respective market.

When will we update the software?

The software is updated as required.

What are the costs for updates and software development?

These costs depend on the amount of work involved and will be communicated to the customer before execution.

Can I change roof outlets?

Yes, see Funktionen und Features. You need the following product data: Flow capacity, zeta value (single resistance values), inside and outside diameters as well as length of the connecting pipe.

Can I change the pipe data?

Yes, see Funktionen und Features.

For which pipe systems is version Keidel DSC-Software available?

– HDPE Pipe System (EN 1519)

– PVC-U Pipe System (JIS K 6741)

– SML Cast Iron Pipe System (EN 1561)

– Galvanised Steel Pipe (EN 1123)

– Stainless Steel Pipes (EN 1124)

Other pipe systems on request

Which functions und features are available?

Put together your own Keidel DSC-Software. Choose from the list according to your needs.

Funktionen und Features 
Number of licence keys: 2B
Personalisation with 2 logos
Parts list section orientedB
Parts list per pipeworkB
Parts list export in Excel format
Priced parts list
Price import via Excel list
Personal disclaimer text on printouts
Self Maitenance 
Edit Parts
Edit Outlets
Edit Roof Outlet System
Edit Hydraulik Pipe DiameterB
Edit Pipe System
Edit Assemply
Edit Length Reduktion

B = Base functions

Subject to change without notice.

About us

In the mid-1990s, Dipl.-Ing. Rolf H. Keidel developed a soft- ware for planning and calculation of Siphonic Roof Drainage, which was sold worldwide under the name DrainStar® Siphonic Calculator. Mainly tailor-made software packages were developed for manufacturers and design and build companies.

The manufacturers also sold the Keidel software under their own name. These individually developed software packages required a long development phase and constant adaptations and were therefore only reserved for large companies due to the relatively high costs. It is estimated that around 100 million square meters of roof surface have been successfully calculated with the DrainStar® Siphonic Calculator.


Siphonic Roof Drainage has now become the standard roof drainage system because of its ecological and economic advantages. Many small and medium-sized companies are entering this lucrative market.


In response to this rapid development, Dipl.-Ing. Rolf H. Keidel developed a compact software series from the proven DrainStar® Siphonic Calculator at a low price and brought it into new company KEIDEL DrainStar GmbH.


The focus of the compact software series is fast and safe dimensioning of the pipework with suitable pipe systems. Adjustments can be organised by our customers themselves using password-protected tools. As with its big brother DrainStar® Siphonic Calculator, various parts lists, hydraulic calculation, isometric drawing, and a list of pipework properties are available.

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